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Types of Slate: Vermont Green and Gray

Vermont Green and Gray slate have been quarried in and around Rutland County, Vermont since 1839 and are still available new today

Weathered Vermont Green and Gray Slate

Vermont Green and Gray slate have an average lifespan of 175-200 years. Most of these slate that are on roofs today still have a lot of life left, and are well worth saving, even if the flashing is failing. New flashing can be installed and the roof will still outlast any shingle roof around.

Notice the shades of tan and brown as they age.

As they age Vermont Green and Gray slate develop shades of tan, brown, and red. We are frequently asked if this means the slate are old and need replaced. This is not often the case. This is just a normal part of the slate aging, but most ties they are still in good condition. It just adds extra character to the roof.

We also install new Vermont Green and Gray Slate. These slate are rated class 3 and class 4 hail impact resistance (up to 2 inch hail). They are also Grade S1 ASTM rated. They are a very aesthetically pleasing, hard, and long lasting slate.

New Vermont Green Slate

I would like to reiterate that this is a very common slate in the areas we service and they are well worth saving, so please get an expert opinion before tearing off your slate. We specialize in slate repair as well as flashing restoration, so let us help you keep your slate roof in good condition so it can keep you dry for years to come!


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