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Types of Slate: Pennsylvania Black Slate (Chapman & Peach Bottom)

In the last segment we focused on Bangor and Pen Argyl Pennsylvania Black Slate, which are from a softer vein. In this segment we are still focusing on Pennsylvania Black Slate, but this time we are focusing on Chapman and Peach Bottom Slate, which have a much different composition.

Chapman Slate were quarried near Chapman, PA and unfortunately the

quarries are no longer active today. Chapman Slate are easily identifiable by their many bands of black and gray colors that cross the face of the slate, generally at an angle.

Chapman Slate

Peach Bottom Slate were quarried near Delta, PA on the PA/MD border. These slate like the Chapman Slate are no longer quarried. The appearance of Peach Bottom Slate is dark black with a noticeable sheen or sparkle when the sun hits it.

Peach Bottom Slate

Chapman and Peach Bottom Slate have an ASTM rating of S1 and are a very hard durable slate. Both of these slate can easily last 125-175 years or longer.

Both of these slate should not be taken off of your roof to be replaced, as they are long lasting, durable, rare slate. If you think you have these slate on your roof and need any repairs done, please give us a call and we would be happy to help.


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